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What we are offering

Couples Intensive Therapy

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Every Journey Needs a Light

EMDR Intensives in Maine

Perhaps you and your partner have experienced a major traumatic incident in your relationship that has changed EVERYTHING. You feel that the relationship has no semblance of what you created together.  The experience of your partner’s brain injury or trauma has impacted you both deeply.  You are struggling to understand each other and deeply struggle to understand what the other person is facing. You need someone with experience who can assist you in healing from this major event and feel connected again.

You desperately want to find the connection that you once had with your partner!  With my approach we’ll find friendship and meaning again in your relationship.  You’ll have a new map for love and ways to have FUN again! Most importantly you’ll find shared meaning again after something that has been life altering.

Why choose me?

I have worked for years with couples primarily after one individual suffered an acquired brain injury. I find that the couple has comfort with knowing that I am trained in brain injury, trauma, and couples therapy. I utilize current research in all of these areas to address your concerns in your relationship. Here is a picture of me and my life partner at our graduation. He has taught me so much about partnership, love, and connection for well over a decade. This is us at our doctoral graduation.

Our first sessions

Our first session will be 150 minutes in length to understand the difficulties you are both facing after this event. From that point, you’ll receive a link for questionnaires to better understand your marriage or relationship. We will meet together for 90 minutes. I will also meet with each partner individually for 30 min to complete my assessment of the best targeted interventions to work on together. I find this saves us time and narrows our focus. I will also send you a detailed packet of information.

I will meet with each partner individually to better understand their concerns. While I do not hold any secrets about the relationship, it is helpful for me to get a sense of who you are individually and understand any trauma, brain injury, etc.  that may be impacting the relationship. The cost of this assessment alone is valued at $1,000. You will receive an overview this assessment at your half day or full day intensive.

This appointment can be in office for local couples or via telehealth.

 I utilize the Gottman method for our couples work. These strategies are straight forward, practical, and research tested for results! Here is a video from the Dr’s Gottman about this approach.

Every Journey Needs a Light

Marriage Intensives

From the assessment, I will give you information about my assessment and target interventions to promote improved communication, friendship, intimacy, and love.  On each intensive day, we’ll meet for 3-3.5 hours in the morning. During this time, we will learn the key areas of Gottman interventions for your partnership. One month after your intensive, we’ll have an hour follow up for assessing the therapy and it’s integration in your lives.

At the end of our time together you’ll identify:

Visiting Freeport Maine!

Freeport Maine is a wonderful place to visit. We have great shopping, food, and stunning topography. I truly believe that Maine is “the way life should be”. Taking time to visit if you are out of town is a great way to reengage your friendship.  Online is also an option if travel is not an option through my HIPPA compliant system.  Here is more information on Freeport.

I truly believe that much of our work is finding ways to be friends again.  A vacation is a great way to do that.  I intentionally do not schedule more than 3-4 hours of therapy in a day.  Why?! It’s just too much for you both. You need time to find ways to enjoy each other, explore, and have a great meal!

Please message me to find out more details about this program.  I have half-day, two day, and weekend packages that will be tailored to your needs!


You are investing in your relationship, which is invaluable.  This is a service, that while I cannot predict the outcome will give your relationship the attention it needs to heal.  Yes, the investment is substantial, but the costs of a marriage that ends is divorces is much more in terms of resources such as time, money, and emotional energy.

All programs require that you are physically in Maine at the time of service.

Half-Day Weekday program (10 Total hours, 8 contact hours)=$2955

2 Day Weekday Intensive (14 Total hours, 12 contact hours)=$4,125

3 Day Weekend Intensive (18 Total hours, 16 contact hours)=$7,155

Please message me for more details and payment options. I look forward to connecting with you soon.