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Concussion Assessment and Treatment

I help people get the treatment direction they need after a brain injury through psychological and neuropsychological testing.  In addition to my services after a concussion or other acquired brain injury I provide ADHD testing and other cognitive testing. 

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Freeport Maine Neuropsychological Testing

Perhaps you are confused about what direction to go after your brain injury. You need a clear plan on what providers or therapies to consider after this difficult event. You are struggling to find relief from your symptoms and want to understand how your brain injury has effected your functioning.

My goal is to meet and exceed your expectations to get you on a clear path to health. I provide psychological assessment of a concussion. I see primarily individuals with a concussion but I’ve seen many different issues related to ABI over the years, such as a concussion, stroke, aneurysm, brain bleed, etc. After this assessment, you will have clear referrals and treatment recommendations for your care. It is my hope you will have a sense of relief that you have a plan to manage your symptoms.

I provide two and fours hour assessments to meet these goals and spend time to understand your symptoms and plan for care.

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Why a shorter assessment?

Many times I find that my clients struggle with a full day neuropsychological examination. Therefore, I provide two hour and half-day assessment focused on core areas of cognitive functioning. You will have a detailed initial assessment (four a half-day assessment) and record review so I understand YOU! I will take all the necessary breaks you need so we can start to understand your symptoms and provide clarity on your next steps for treatment.

What I’ll provide:

The purpose of an evaluation often is to find and make referrals, I find that a shorter length is appropriate for most clients to meet and exceed this goal. Especially early stages of concussion a brief assessment is likely what you need to be on the road to recovery.

My goal is to provide you with this assessment and make recommendations within three weeks of your appointment. I know that getting to the right providers and getting better is what you need most in your recovery. I will handle sending out the report to your providers via fax. 

Initial Concussion evals $500