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We heal by sharing our burdens

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a powerful modality of care.  For many concerns it’s the treatment I’d recommend vs. individual therapy.  I find that we learn so much from hearing others and getting support. 

Every Journey Needs a Light

Why Group Therapy?

Group therapy has many advantages over individual services.  It is one of my favorite types of therapy because we learn how we function in a group of people.  You can also gain the support of others and learn more about what people think about your concerns.  It is more than a support group because you are joining for a specific reason or concern.  EMDR group therapy would focus on developing resources (in phase 2 of EMDR) to aid in calming the nervous system (body).  These skills can be applied alone or as a tool in processing PTSD, anxiety, etc.  

Reasons to join EMDR group therapy:

You always have resources

EMDR Group Therapy

Group EMDR will focus on giving you the resources you need to deal with difficult traumatic experiences, stress, or anxiety.  In the group we’ll focus mostly on building the resources you need to do the “reprocessing” of difficult experiences. We will process 1-2 low level small (t) traumas like set backs, minor relational issues, or hurts.  Afterwards if you want to continue with another trauma therapist or myself, you will already have much of the work done to be ready to tackle more challenging traumas or target memories. 

What I’ll provide:

COST: $75 per 85 min session

Limited sliding scale spots available $50 per session