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We heal by sharing our burdens

We focus on getting you the science and tools to heal from your concussion.

In this coaching program, we combine knowledge, cutting edge science and community building with other go-getters recovering from concussions, TBIs, and long-haulers. 

Concussion, Wellness, and Brain Injury

Our innovative brain injury, concussion, and wellness coaching

We integrate several types of modalities in this program.  We will outline many of them on this page.   We then make a personal plan of for your recovery journey.  This program is a coaching program, so you can get to know and find support with other concussion survivors. In the traditional medical and therapy model, you are not supposed to talk with other survivors outside of session.  In this coaching and education program, we encourage it! 

Reasons for an education coaching program after concussion (TBI)

COST: $900
for our high touch 8 week program

Fall session starts October 5th