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We specialize in tailor services for trauma and brain injury. We believe that treating the whole person is essential to quality care.  Please read about our offerings for trauma treatment (EMDR), group therapy, anxiety (biofeedback and EMDR), and concussion evaluation. 

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My name is Dr. Jennifer Blanchette, I’m thrilled about the opportunity to work with you. I am a psychologist who is deeply interested in the role of trauma and the nervous system in my client’s lives. I focus on finding meaning in your life by discovering how your brain injury or trauma has changed your life.

In therapy my clients have described me as warm, assertive, compassionate, and wise. My approach is to deeply understand you through listening and asking questions to find goals that we will co-create to get you the results you need.

EMDR and Biofeedback
Therapy Intensives

I help people recover from emotional and psychological traumas. My clients have found that the troubling events, anxiety, or memories can change! I specialize in EMDR for concussion and acquired brain injury. However, I do often see first responders, medical providers, therapists, and veterans in my EMDR intensives.  EMDR has been the most transformative therapy that I have learned in my career.  I have witnessed deep changes in my clients after our work.  I’m also integrating biofeedback in stand alone intensives and with my EMDR work. 

Emotional Care after Concussion, Brain Injury, Trauma and Long-haulers

At New Life we believe in transformative therapies. As such, we know that you will likely benefit from different types of therapy when you’ve had a brain injury, concussion, long-haul Covid, or other cognitive issue. Many of the people I’ve worked with over the years after a brain injury need multiple types of therapy to aid in their recovery. We’ve developed a cutting edge program that integrates neuroscience, and the latest advances in counseling to aid in a faster and more complete recovery.  There’s NOTHING like it!

Concussion (and ABI) Evaluation

I provide neuropsychological testing after a brain injury or a concussion. I am also able to provide diagnoses for PTSD, ADHD,  and other cognitive disabilities or conditions.  You need expert care if you are experiencing difficulties after your concussion. Wait and see doesn’t work with concussion! 

Anxious Hearts: A Group Experience for Christian Women

It’s been a hard few years….and many of us are struggling with anxiety.  You may have tried many things to help control tension, worry, and feeling that things are out of control.  I know you are not alone! 

I truly believe that adding a community component to this work helps you get better faster…Each week we will explore a topic on anxiety and relationships.  You will also have access to a course with materials for managing anxiety with tools, resources, weekly journal prompts, and ideas to explore more.  

We will start each group with a Christian mediation exercise. Check out our article all about the benefits of group therapy. You can also choose to add on individual services if space allows to customize your experience even more. 

Join the wait list! We will be starting in late fall 🙂


"There is no Greater Agony than Bearing the Untold Story Inside of You "

- Maya Angelou