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I specalize in trauma treatment as well as treatment after a brain injury.  Please learn more about how our services may be a good fit for your needs. 

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My name is Dr. Jennifer Blanchette, I’m thrilled about the opportunity to work with you. I am a psychologist who is deeply interested in the role of trauma and the nervous system in my client’s lives. I focus on finding meaning in your life by discovering how your brain injury or trauma has changed your life.

In therapy my clients have described me as warm, assertive, compassionate, and wise. My approach is to deeply understand you through listening and asking questions to find goals that we will co-create to get you the results you need.

EMDR Therapy Intensives

I help people recover from emotional and psychological traumas. My clients have found that the troubling events, anxiety, or memories can change! I have worked with childhood trauma, military trauma, intimate partner betrayals, panic attacks, concussion/brain injury, and more.  EMDR has been the most transformative therapy that I have learned in my career.  I have witnessed deep changes in my clients after our work.  

Group Therapy

Details to come….

Neuropsychological Testing

I provide neuropsychological testing after a brain injury or a concussion. I am also able to provide diagnoses for PTSD, ADHD,  and other cognitive disabilities or conditions.  I have openings in the next month!


"There is no Greater Agony than Bearing the Untold Story Inside of You "

- Maya Angelou