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Frequent Questions

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"There is no Greater Agony than Bearing the Untold Story Inside of You "

- Maya Angelou

What types of therapy do you provide?

I provide in-office and tele-health EMDR intensives (highly limited), couples therapy, and concussion (TBI/ABI) services.  I provide walk and talk therapy as well on request for clients wishing to integrate bio-feedback with the beautiful scenery in Maine! 

I provide therapy for those after a brain injury or concussion to manage difficult mental health symptoms such as anxiety and depression.  They are quite common after an injury and I offered targeted solutions to aid in your TOTAL recovery.  

Please note, I’m only able to provide therapy and intensives (online or in my Freeport office) to those in Maine only.

What are your fees?

I accept Medicare primary, Harvard Pilgrim, Optum, Martin’s Point, and VACCN currently.  Intensive services (multiple hours of therapy) are not covered by insurance. Your initial intake, ongoing sessions, and follow ups will be included generally by insurance. 

If you are not in network for these plans  I will provide a super bill for you to bill out of network claims. You can receive 40-100% of this fee back if your insurance company offers out-of-network benefits (please call to verify with your plans details and any reimbursement you may expect).  My assistant can help you understand your benefits, and assist in the billing process.

What is your cancellation policy?

For weekly clients only: if we are working together in treatment, I will reserve times for you on a weekly or biweekly basis. Since I have this time reserved for you, I cannot schedule anything else in it. When we agree to work together, we agree to this time weekly or every other week. Thus, you are expected to use that time or pay for the time that I am holding for you.  I do allow a once yearly cancellation (within 24 hours).  Any session that is missed can also be made up (rescheduled) within 3 weeks. So you can have 2 sessions in the same week or reschedule to a different day if my schedule allows. Sessions cancelled by me for any reason will not be charged.

For intensive clients: one week cancellation is required (I will reschedule your intensive one time).  A $500 deposit is required.